Vertical Applications

GIS technology currently integrates with other technologies with the goal of vertical solutions. Vertical Solutions are complementary to solve  specific problems in a particular industry. To do this, we have a team of expert professionals and partners that enable us to meet the particular needs of the user.

Customized solutions with GIS

Crime Analysis
Perform spatial analysis to analyze trends and pattern in crime. Perform geostatistical analysis to support crime prevention plans and asses their efficiency.
Geo-environmental Analysis
Analyze data, strategize and manage conservation areas, study environmental impacts and support decision and policy making.
Applications for permits and regulations
Visualize where permits are located, evaluate zoning and environmental regulations and implement geocentric inspection workflows that support the permit evaluation process.
Applications for facility management.
Office space optimization, asset management, and energy assessment improve efficiency to reduce costs. Identify investment and competitive advantage opportunities.
Systems for Emergency Management
Implement workflows and configure applications that improve tactical and operational decision making, provide a common operational platform to mitigate, respond to, and recover from threats and hazards.