Location analytics allows retailers to identify local trends, patterns, and opportunities, which enables them to adapt their products and services to local market need and customers’ evolving retail sophistication. With improved understanding of consumer demographics, lifestyles, and needs, retailers can ensure they maintain revenue and improve profitability.



Target your customers.

Optimize; Provide the best service to your customers as efficiently as possible.

Maximize; Understand who your customers are and how to attract more like them.

Improve; Big or small, local or global, put place back into the mix of price, place, and promotion.


Turn merchandising on its head.

Analyze; Dig deep into data and trends by understanding the places they happen.

Understand; See which people are where and why by viewing real-time and historic data through a map.

Investigate; Ask questions, run what-if scenarios, and change models easily. 


Give global connections local understanding.

Visualize; Create a streamlined path from cargo holds to customers.

Analyze; Find out quickly where improvements need to be made, saving time and money.

Balance; Eliminate coverage overlaps, remove service gaps, and optimize service and product delivery.



ArcGIS Online

Deploy real-time, interactive web maps to mobile devices and computers. Make maps without prior GIS training, and choose who gets to see which information. ArcGIS Online converts from any device, desktop, or browser.

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