As official distributors of Esri and Trimble, GMT,Corp. includes a catalog of courses for GIS practitioners and non-GIS professionals, administrators and developers, and anyone who needs to use the ArcGIS platform to perform their daily workflows and tasks, enhance projects with geographic context, and create information that leads to better decision making.

These courses are taught at learning centers in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic & US Virgin Islands.


Get Started with ArcGIS



ArcGIS® Desktop allows to work with apps, to create authoritative geographic data, maps, tools, and analytical models that can be shared as services. The desktop apps provide powerful capabilities for spatial analysis, 3D modeling, image management, and more.

GIS Professionals


A GIS professional may wear many hats. Whether you are a one-person GIS team supporting the mapping needs of your entire organization or one of dozens of professionals in a large GIS department, your work involves one or more core ArcGIS workflows.



GIS administrators should be proficient in best practices related to the components and architecture of the geodatabase, including working within a multi-user enterprise environment, replication, implementing versioned workflows, and performing data management. 



IT and GIS professionals manage, secure, and share geographic content as services. ArcGIS for Server connects with relational database management systems and supports on-premises, cloud, virtual, and hybrid deployments.

Grow your ArcGIS Skills

Foundational Courses

  • ArcGIS Foundationals Levels (1-4)

Courses for Professionals

  • 3D and Geodesign
  • Analysis and Geoprocessing
  • Cartography and Map Production
  • Geodata Production and Editing
  • Industry-Focused Courses

Courses for Administrators

Focus on best practices to manage and secure GIS infrastructure, including data, applications, servers, and users.

  • Geodata Management
  • Web and Server Management

Courses for Developers

Courses for builders of fully geocentric applications and other apps that feature geospatial content.

  • Application Development

Image Analysis Courses

A course designed for customers who are new to ENVI or those who have worked with ENVI Zoom and ENVI Classic in the past.

  • Introduction to ENVI 5

GPS Courses

A course designed for GPS use in the field data collection workflow.

  • Field Data Collection

Instructor-Led Workshops

Instructor-led workshops present conceptual material, demonstrations, and best practices on a focused technology topic. With classroom course taught by an Esri Certified GMT instructor, you will find the proper questions and answers, download resource materials, and obtain a certificate of completion.