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Support for use of ArcGIS Platform products

We are a dedicated team of support professionals focused on resolving issues related to the operation of the software, use of the product and doubts about the compatibility of the system.


Benefits of Using Technical Support through My Esri

It allow us to work with cases immediately, while users can:

    •  Request a case
    •  Monitor their cases
    •  Add notes, escalate, close and reopen cases
    •  Track bugs and improvements
    •  Escalate errors

Technical Support Portal

Submit cases directly to Esri, through My Esri.

You can use your existing Esri account to sign in. If you don't have an account yet, you can create one from the Sign in page on My Esri by clicking Create a public account.

Introduction to My Esri

Unique location where you can manage all aspects of your account with Esri.

Consolidate your organization's information into a single experience, including support data, customer service, events, and training.

It Contains software downloads and authorization numbers to install and activate your Esri products.


Our goal is to provide you content that helps you to improve enterprise decision-making through GIS technology. Here are some links that can help you.

ArcGIS: security and trust is your resource for security, privacy, and compliance information.




GitHub Esri

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ArcGIS Insights

Esri wants to hear from you, here you will find ideas and tips to help you.





Know the duration of your products.




Free Online Courses

Learn how to use your ArcGIS tools.




ArcGIS Online Status

ArcGIS Online publishes our latest service availability information in the following table. Please check back here for current status information.




ArcGIS Communities

Find maps and apps, blog posts, forum threads, videos, documentation, and tweets for your community.




Quick start guides

For your ArcGIS for Desktop, ArcGIS for Server, ArcGIS License Manager, and more licenses.




GIS Dictionary

Definitions of terms related to GIS operations.




ArcGIS Hub Status

Detailed Dashboards Status




ArcGIS Help

Guides based on real world problems




System Requirements

Ready to have Esri licenses on your computer? Here you can find out.




GIS Wiki

Contains information about GIS concepts, new technologies, and products.




Esri Technical Support


Find answers and connect with ArcGIS experts

Knowledge base




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GMT GIS Technical Support


We are here to support your learning journey through GIS technology

Premium Support

The highest level of technical support available from us. Premium Support gives you personalized service, prioritized incident management, and proactive communication of the status of your incidents and current technical issues being investigated.

Rent A Tech

Get the support you need when you need it

    • Develop your self-sufficiency
    • Focus on your project while tapping into our expertise

GMT GIS Technical Support Blog

Tech Support Blog


ArcGIS Platform

Receive one year of Standard Support with the purchase of a qualifying software product license as part of the Esri Maintenance Program.


GPS for GIS and Mapping

From free, self-paced online help to “need-it-now” Priority Support and additional support products which are available to purchase.



First class support to our users. Troubleshoot with the resources below or contact our Technical Support team to find the answers you need.

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Phone: +1-787-250-8182 ext. 3


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